Hi! Right now I’m taking part in the GetNoticed! contest. The competition is based on writing two posts weekly and creating a pet project. :)

You can take a look at the project repository » here «

The purpose of this project is creating a system, which will adjust lightning settings in the room based on a current weather, using RaspberryPi and a weather API.

It will consist of two parts - the microservice downloading weather data and the program written probably in C, that steers the electronics - LED stripe, lightbulbs and little step engines controlling the blinds. :)

Project posts so far:

AmbientWeather - project scope - Project introduction - scope and technologies

TypeScript and Node.js - basic project setup and structure - Instructions how to run the microservice

Downloading Weather Data aka Promises for the Dummies - Connecting with weather API and Promises explained

Other contest posts:

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Have fun with my project! :)