Half way contest recap

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Half way contest recap

Ok, I’m over half way of the contest, so it’s time for a small recap. I finished a prototype of the tool for defining logical rules and I’m preparing for creating an engine. So, these are my thoughts on the project progression and the contest itself.

Project progression

So far it’s not so much, but theoretically my prototype is half way done. ; ) I managed to create a small, handy GUI library, that allows dragging and dropping elements, creating dynamic lists and attaching elements to them. I’m also working on a more efficient version of the list, but I will really need much more time to write a post about it.

The tool now allows to define logical rules and check whether it is a tautology, just to make sure that integration with the temporal system is working. The good news is the guy responsible for this library has just finished the part that is crucial for me, so I am ready to proceed.

Contest impression

I have to admit – working almost-fulltime, studying and writing blog posts is really hard… Especially when these have to be project-related, and two of them through the week… I wish the rule was that one has to be related to the project and the other doesn’t – I could write about so many things… ;d

However, I see some very strong signs that I might continue to work on the blog even after the contest ends. First of all, the language choice was excellent. I realize I make some mistakes, especially when I’m tired (and that’s almost always lately…) but I can really catch the flow. Secondly – there are so many things that I would like to write about, just to deepen and harden my knowledge on several topics considering the things that I had to do at work recently (nginx, ansible, aws, getting hacked…). I kind of look forward for the contest to end, so that I can stop writing only about Unity. xD

I’ve learned several things during these first weeks, which are:

• People generally are nice, don’t be afraid,

• Writing posts is fun, but when people read it it’s even more fun, so time to leave that cave,

• Even the simplest thing explained nicely can be useful for someone – my most popular post is “Easy gifs recording” and I thought it was such a crappy post, until several people actually thanked me for it,

• Reddit can really boost the audience, but most importantly – there is a chance that under your topic a very interesting and productive discussion will evolve – under my post about gifs people started writing about their own ideas, including solutions for Linux and Mac,

Sleep is for the weak – I actually managed to forget that after getting bachelors done…

That’s it for now. Tomorrow is the 4Developers conference and I’m volunteering, so I need to go to sleep. ;) (Yep, it will be another exciting thing that I will not have time to write about… xd)

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